Improve the quality & efficiency of your back-office processes.

PowerSolve is an end-to-end automation and web-based management platform designed to help businesses use process and data automation to solve business problems.


Key benefits

Automating key business processes frees up your time for more important work.

Reduce inefficiencies

  • Speed-up processes while eliminating human error
  • ‘Tidy-up’ back-office operations by centralising, organising and automating to reduce time, risk and costs
  • Simplify your client management processes and engagement

Grow efficiently

  • Improve your customer support processes and generate more leads
  • Focus your energy on your client engagement while enhancing your products and services
  • Free up time for you and your team to focus on more high-level work

Increase productivity

  • Get instant access to the most accurate data available
  • Improve, streamline, and document your business processes
  • Eliminate cumbersome chores and empower your employees to be more effective

Intelligent architecture

PowerSolve is a configurable, end-to-end business solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing network environment or run on a dedicated Azure CIS compliant virtual machine.

Always evolving it keeps you ahead of the technology curve.

A standard toolset for building powerful automations

Using a range of built-in functions, conditions, and variables we can build workflows to simplify and automate your critical business processes.

A powerful and flexible data warehouse

Automate the sourcing and loading of data into an organised and centralised data warehouse. Reduce redundancy and save time while having greater clarity, availability, and access to your critical business data.

Multi-step processes with approvals

Introduce safe-guards and accountability by requiring sign-off before generating documents, sending communications, or running other downstream processes or workflows.

Cloud-ready technology

All Ocellics solutions are cloud-ready enabling your business to access, and leverage enterprise-class infrastructure and technology. We are also here to help you transition your business to the cloud.

We do the mundane, so you don’t have to.

PowerSolve’s extensive feature set helps you improve the quality and efficiency of back-office processes and reduce repetitive task burden on employees. You and your team are empowered to focus on more meaningful and value-adding work.

Intelligent decision making

Model processes with human-based decisions and do actions based on certain states and create and schedule workflows to run at specific times or days or to start on triggers based on a range of user actions.

Optimised workflows

Easily build and customise complex workflows to do a range of business processing tasks; such as automated data loading or processing, email or SMS communications, and rich data reports.

Seamless system integration

There’s no need to make sweeping changes to your IT infrastructure to accommodate PowerSolve as it integrates with your existing data or applications and their unique services.

Control your data

Create, move, archive and manage files and folders. Fetch or push data from APIs, FTP, and web sites and pull or push data from other databases or to business intelligence software like Tableau or PowerBI.

High-level focus

Schedule workflows to run without human interaction and automate a range of business related tasks freeing your time for focus and attention on higher level tasks.

All-in-one solution

Automate a range of processes from file archiving and web data entry to distribution emails, factsheets, and mailbox management. We tie these disparate systems into one consolidated solution.

What PowerSolve clients are saying

Partnering with the team at Ocellics has been a real win. Ocellics have freed us up to focus on our core business by designing, implementing, and supporting complex financial automations that fulfil our daily contractual data obligations on time and with minimum user interaction.

Frank Cadiz Constellation Asset Management

The ICB is always trying to push the limits of what our systems can do and the team at Ocellics has been an integral part of creating and implementing creative ways to get us to the next level. They have provided us with critical insights into development projects, allowing us to implement functionality that has made our business more dynamic, automated, and competitive in the marketplace. Working with Ocellics is an ongoing collaboration, their ability to understand and adapt to our business needs continues to make a difference.

Marcelle Geldenhuis IT Manager, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

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Who is PowerSolve for? + -

PowerSolve is ideal for a business that is looking to leverage operational efficiencies by ‘tidying up’ back office operations.

If you feel that employees are not able to be as effective as they could be, daily and monthly processes consume too much time and feel like chores, your business data is difficult to manage and use, your client management is cumbersome and not allowing you to capitalise on opportunities properly, then lets talk about how PowerSolve can help you.

What types of processes can you automate? + -

We can automate a range of process from file archiving, web data entry, distribution emails, factsheets, reports to mailbox management. The key is how we are able to tie all these disparate systems into one consolidated solution.

We specialise in processing data and understand complicated data requirements with unique calculations and output requirements.

We help centralise, organise and automate to reduce time, risk and costs.

I have existing software and tools, do I need to stop using them? + -


We can approach that on a case by case basis and replace existing architecture overtime, all while reducing interruptions to your daily business operations.

We can help you identify opportunities for automation based on ROI and deliver in stages based on financial criteria.

With all the BPA tools on the market, what makes yours better? + -

PowerSolve is not a BPA tool perse’, but rather a framework for building automated solutions.

Many BPA products focus solely on automation of users’ daily chores. We focus on using to automation to solve complex data and process flow challenges within your business as a environment. We take a more holistic approach to helping you solve business challenges through a comprehensive consulting engagement.

We are able to combine automation with data warehousing and management, client and employee facing web portals and dashboards that help deliver you a solution that is fit for purpose and not just another piece of software.

What platform is PowerSolve built on? + -

PowerSolve is built utilising Windows Workflow Foundation, a Microsoft technology that provides APIs, an in-process workflow engine and a re-hostable designer to implement processes as workflows within .NET applications.

We have leveraged this powerful technology to build a scalable, customisable, and cloud-ready workflow system that can adapt to fit your business requirements.