Fund Factsheets

Effortlessly publish branded factsheets with our automated solution.

Fed up with the time and resources it takes to update one factsheet? Our automated solution allows you to change elements with ease.

Key benefits


Designed to specification, reflecting your corporate branding requirements.

Consistent Data

Real-time data validation checks reduce errors & inaccuracies.

Time & Cost Efficient

Cease using multiple, disjointed resources. Easily manage data points & design elements in one place.


A centralised location for your factsheets & signed-off return data that can be accessed easily from the office or home.


Remove the need for technical input, manual data entry & see change history.

Managed or Self-Service

Manage it yourself or let us do it for you.

An easy three step process.

Step One

Let’s chat about your requirements. You can either give us the exact design specification you want, and we’ll build your template(s) to spec OR give us your corporate branding, what information you want to convey, and we will design and build your template(s) for you.

Step Two

Once the template is set-up we integrate with your data feeds or show you how to upload and manage your monthly data.

Step Three

You can manage your own data, copy, and publish in real-time through the online portal, or have us do it for you? We’ll give you all the documentation and you have access to training and support for an hourly fee OR for our managed service, you send us the data and changes, and we’ll manage if for you for a monthly fee.


Our pricing is based on a sliding scale that is determined by the number of active funds.

By paying a monthly fee per fund, it makes it easy to budget for and scale as your business grows.

What our clients are saying

Ocellics has made our investment data readily available to us by automating our administrator and market data sourcing and analytical processing. They have reduced both risk and time, while providing key insights and support for complex calculations and outputs. FundSolve ensures that our portfolio managers are always able to start their day with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

Eben Karsten Matrix Fund Managers

Being a start-up hedge fund manager, we needed an innovative technology partner who would help give us an edge. We found that in Ocellics. Ocellics FundSolve and web portal gives us the flexibility we need to load, process and display data in the ever changing and complex hedge fund regulatory environment.

Tatenda Chapinduka Independent Alternatives

How much time could we save you?

Let's find out.

Any questions?

Use this guide to get an answer fast.

How does the process work? + -

We set-up your factsheet templates. We set-up your funds. You provide us your monthly return, asset, holding data and commentary. We calculate your numbers and produce your factsheets automatically or you can download them from our portal yourself.

How quickly can you make design changes to templates? + -

One of the key benefits of Fund Factsheets is the quick turnaround times in making design changes to factsheets. Smaller aesthetic changes can be turned around in a few hours, bigger changes or new designs might need a day or two to get out.

How do you charge for templates? + -

We quote and charge one-off design and build fees to create templates based on design and data-point complexity. If you need changes we quote you upfront. 

How do you charge for the service? + -

The service is charged monthly based on the active factsheets you generate for publication.

Where is my data stored? + -

Fund Factsheets runs off secure Microsoft Azure services based in JHB and CPT.

Do you offer an inclusive service fee to handle the whole process or is it DIY? + -

Yes, we offer an all-in service fee whereby you just send us your data and we get your factsheets out. We handle the loading and processing of your data for you and make data and commentary amendments over the phone or email. Or you can use the portal and available tools to import your data, add commentary, and download the factsheets yourself.

Can you automate my factsheet process flow? + -

Yes, you can get your development teams to push data to our API. We can setup monthly automations to copy your factsheet files to FTP or email you a zip file.