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Decision support

Do you have demo versions of your solutions available? + -

Yes, we have a range of demos available to assist with your purchase decision. We can also configure a demo to fit your use-case scenarios if required.

What is your engagement process? + -

Our experienced consulting team will work with you to define your business and functional requirements.  We use an iterative process to design the solution tailored to your specific requirements. The size of the project will determine whether we need to agree on milestones and staged functionality or whether a single implementation is best.

Our consulting team will continue to support you and your product if required and be part of all enhancement decisions.

The solution I have is good enough, why should I spend money to upgrade? + -

If you are out shopping it probably means that you believe your business can benefit from change. Over and above delivering a tried and tested solution platform, Ocellics also delivers business acumen, ideas and recommendations and can help you realise those within the solutions we build for businesses like yours.

I have existing software and tools; do I need to stop using them? + -

Nope! We can approach that on a case by case basis and replace existing architecture overtime, all while reducing interruptions to your daily business operations.

We can help you identify opportunities for automation based on ROI and deliver in stages based on financial criteria.


Are there initial configuration costs? + -

Yes. There are configuration costs to set our solutions up and build the initial process flows and data loads. The costs are dependent on the solution, scale and complexity of your requirements and will be quoted on based on the agreed functional requirements.

What are the on-boarding costs? + -

On-boarding costs are dependent on the volume, types, and data quality of the required historic data loads.  The On-boarding process will be reviewed and quoted as a separate line-item.

What are the on-going costs? + -

All products have a monthly license cost and an agreed managed support contract. Hosting options are also charged monthly. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have a minimum contract period? + -

Our promise is to provide an efficient, elegant, and cost-effective solution and as such we believe that you should have the right to choose without being locked into onerous notice periods.  All we require is a one-month notice period on all solutions and we will provide a copy of all data in a useable format on termination.


Do you offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? + -

Yes, we do!  We offer Standard and Gold level Managed Service agreements with defined SLAs.  These can be fine-tuned to your business need. SLAs are an integral part of our business especially as in many cases our support desk is the primary channel of communication. We see each interaction as an opportunity to impress.

How do I create a support request? + -

Support queries can be raised via email to our dedicated support mailbox or by using our in-App Ocellics Help Centre.

What is your support query turnaround time? + -

Up to you! Our standard SLA response time is 24 hours, but we generally respond in 2 hours. Items flagged as critical are escalated based on your managed service agreement and fall under either the 4-hour Gold or the 24-hour Standard SLA.