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Build a powerful, tailor-made software solution for your business.

Whether it is a new business idea, product or existing business, Ocellics has the capability, experience and track record to deliver solutions that drive immediate business value and measurable return on investment.

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Key benefits

Your business is unique. It has its own way of working and its own intellectual property which you and your team have built with pride. We understand that not all businesses are equal and there is not a one-shoe-fits-all piece of software.

Leverage your intellectual property

  • Translate your proprietary business offering into a software solution that helps you steer your company in your intended direction
  • Make faster and more accurate business decisions
  • Bring to life large amounts of complex data and processes
  • Free your ideas

Unlock efficiencies

  • Build functionality that enables both employees and clients to interact via custom interfaces that reduce manual time and administration costs
  • Use automation to remove process bottlenecks and reduce both key-man and operational risk
  • Get your single source of the truth across the business

Grow your competitive advantage

  • Spend less time on operations and more on your business strategy and vision
  • Get closer to your clients, enabling you to learn more about them and adapt to evolving environments and technologies
  • Enhance your client experience by giving them access to your product offering using the technologies they enjoy

Intelligent architecture

We design configurable, end-to-end business solutions that can integrate seamlessly with your existing network environment or run on a dedicated Azure CIS-compliant virtual machine.

Always evolving it keeps you ahead of the technology curve.

A powerful data and process automation framework

The framework is built on top of a workflow engine that enables automation of almost any business process. We use this technology to translate your business cases into a fully-integrated, modern, cloud-ready and living system.

Deep integration into 3rd party and existing systems

Build integrations to your existing systems or third-party providers like CRMs, marketing email platforms and data providers. Send automated emails, SMS or posts via social and other media. Continue to enhance and evolve your product and client experience over time.

End-to-end Technology

We can create an end-to-end business solution at a pace that suits your schedule and budget. End-to-end means bringing data sourcing, business processing, employee interaction and client engagement into one consolidated and highly-agile system for a single department, business unit or your entire business.

We’re here to free up your valuable time.

Our framework enables us to rapidly build highly functional, robust, scalable, secure and audited solutions while saving you both time and the cost of having to engineer solutions from the ground up.

Rapid creation, careful consideration

Enabling efficient delivery of large areas of critical functionality while greatly reducing development cost and the risks associated with building software solutions from scratch.

User-friendly, interactive portals

Clients, employees and executives can login to your secure web portal and gain access to your bespoke functionality. They can schedule workflows, manage processes and do their jobs effectively. Give them access to interactive dynamic data dashboards that showcase almost any type of data or analysis with intuitive drill-through capabilities.

User engagement

Empower employees to run processes, sign off reports, data and documents. Your users can send automated distribution emails and messages to clients. Cloud-based document storage makes sure files and documents are stored logically and securely, and can help remove your reliance on a local network infrastructure.

Security first

Host your solution on your network or leverage our secure cloud servers hosted in Azure. We work with you to ensure your security and compliance needs are met. We want you to rest at ease, knowing the necessary precautions and steps have been taken to ensure your business and client data is as protected as possible.

Custom functionality

We can integrate unique data requirements, such as algorithms and machine learning models. We can either develop proprietary modules for you, and/or plug your existing models into our framework’s automation engine or web portal.

Cloud-ready technology

All Ocellics solutions are cloud-ready, enabling your business to access and leverage enterprise-class infrastructure and technology. We are also here to help you transition your business to the cloud.

What our clients are saying

I have been working with Ocellics team for 15 years, and during this time we have seen both our businesses grow from strength to strength and in parallel. Ocellics has been instrumental in our success and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with a supplier with such high delivery standards and the willingness to understand our business and then provide the right solutions. We look forward to working with Ocellics for many years to come.

Belinda Carlsson CEO, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Ocellics is a client-centered and quality conscious IT company with years of experience in the financial services sector with proven technical expertise. The interaction, responsiveness, and technical abilities of the Ocellics team has been excellent. We have been very impressed with both their service and commitment to the project.

Brendon Voogt Currency Partners

How much time could we save you?

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Any questions?

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Who is out custom software for for? + -

Business owners with vision who do not have the time to be consumed by long-running, over-budget and untested software developments.

What is your engagement process? + -

Our experienced consulting team will work with you to define your business and functional requirements.  We use an iterative process to design the solution tailored to your specific requirements. The size of the project will determine whether we need to agree on milestones and staged functionality or whether a single implementation is best.

Our consulting team will continue to support you and your product if required and be part of all enhancement decisions.

How do you know you will be able to deliver the right solution for me? + -

We manage several existing solutions built on the custom software platform for our clients and for businesses in which we hold an equity stake. This experience helps us deliver competitive advantage to your business and allows you to benefit from any improvements in the platform over time. We will tell you if we cannot help for any reason.  It is not in anyone’s interest for us to engage in a project that we cannot deliver on.

The solution I have is good enough, why should I spend money to upgrade? + -

If you are out shopping it probably means that you believe your business can benefit from change. Over and above delivering a tried and tested solution platform, Ocellics also delivers business acumen, ideas and recommendations and can help you realise those within the solutions we build for businesses like yours.

Our platform can help you extend your business vision unconstrained by code limitations, budget over-runs and annoying programmers saying No!

Do I own the own the source code? + -

You always own your custom components that are developed for your business. We offer a variety of purchasing options that allow a client to buy a single licensed instance of the Custom Software Framework source code for a specified legal entity. This option allows you to change service providers, take your development in-house or own the solution out-right.