Delivery-focused financial technology specialists

Cut costs, grow efficiently and allow
employees to focus on meaningful work.

Solve your business problems with proven combinations of Ocellics services and products. Whether you're a small business with growing data requirements, or a large organisation with an extensive data architecture, we'll help you transform your business and data processes to save time and reduce risk.

How can we empower you?

Our team of financial technology specialists consults across the spectrum of the software development life cycle, primarily on our product suite. Focused on delivery, we help you:

Save time

Get more meaningful work done.

Reduce risk

Go on holiday without worry.

Measure growth

Watch your business grow.

Our engagement process

We employ an iterative approach that focuses on delivering the outcome best suited to your business needs.


Our consultants work with you to analyse your investment process and business requirements

Design & plan

Together we design and agree on a solution tailored to your requirements. Depending on requirements and scale, we may agree on a proof of concept before implementation.


Our engineers configure, build and implement the solution based on agreed specifications and timelines.


We continue to support and help you grow your solution and business.

We’re here to save you time.

Leveraging off our extensive experience in building and implementing powerful automation solutions for the financial industry, we can help with any software-related designs and solutions.

We can also help you transition your business to the cloud.

Investment managers

Are you an asset manager, asset owner or financial services provider?
Contact us to find out more about the FundSolve or PowerSolve product suites, or to book a demo.

Business visionaries

Are you looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for your business?
Let's discuss how our BizSolve platform could deliver advantage to your business.

Fintech consulting

Our knowledge specialists can assist you with:
- Business analysis and requirements definition.
- Solution design, implementations, and migrations.
- Identifying data and process automation opportunities.
- Redesigning and rebuilding legacy solutions.

Cloud conversions

We can help you move your business to the cloud, and in the process, both simplify and modernise your network infrastructure