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Ocellics Portals is a powerful and dynamic web application that can be used to display interactive charting dashboards, data reports, or to expose custom functionality to both employees or clients.

What Are Ocellics Portals?

Portals are quick to configure and implement depending on customisation.

We source your data and build the portal and dashboards to your specification, adding our insight wherever applicable.

Ocellics Portals enables your company to:

  • Rapid creation of interactive chart and table widgets, configured to provide business or clients with detailed and interactive data visualizations
  • Showcase almost any type of data or analysis
  • Dynamic and detailed drill-through analysis
  • Export data directly to CSV, Excel and multiple image formats
  • Download charts as images and use them in presentations and reports
  • Source, view and chart data from multiple sources including your existing systems or databases
  • Let your clients and analysts login to your secure web portal and view your custom dashboards
  • Host your portals on your network or leverage off our secure cloud servers
  • Include custom functionality to service other business requirements


Key Components

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards can showcase almost any type of data or analysis with drill-through. Users can easily export data directly to CSV, Excel and multiple image formats for usage in presentations and reports.

Data Reports

Data reports can be easily configured to allow employees and clients easy access to data behind a secure login.

Data reports are a more effective and secure way of disseminating data to clients rather than sending files via email.

Custom Modules

Ocellics can build custom modules into the portal based on your business requirements.

We are able to build or wrap existing functionality into the portal as required. For example, Ocellics has built a Transaction Cost Analysis module into a portal.

Case Studies

Case 1

Used by a hedge fund to allow clients to login and view fund performance, asset allocation and fund analytics drill-through charts and tables. Data is sourced from a third party data provider.

Case 2

Ocellics developed and maintains a transaction cost analysis solution in partnership with a large market data provider. The solution calculates daily TCA and this gives clients rich interactive dashboards behind a login to a secure web portal.

Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the Ocellics FDS or BPA product suites or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how Ocellics can deliver advantage to your business.