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Ocellics Business Process Automation (BPA) is the Ocellics workflow automation and management platform developed to run independent micro-jobs and custom workflows for defined business and data processes. We have leveraged off our financial software exposure and data experience in the financial industry to develop a standard library of workflows, calculation sets and activities that can be rapidly deployed to make your life easier. 


What Does Ocellics BPA Do?

Ocellics BPA provides the means to schedule, fetch, process and calculate data and to manage the related communications within a solution. Workflows are built from modular tasks, or 'activities', that are extensible and allow for customisation to fit your business requirements. Successfully implemented workflows are virtual employees carrying out structured and pre-defined processes automatically. 

BPA enables your company to:

  • Build complex workflows to do a range of business processing tasks
  • Create custom workflow activities to do unique processing and add these to workflows
  • Create activities to do calculations or run 3rd party calculation libraries written in languages like R or Matlab
  • Construct workflows with user input based decisions or do actions based on certain states
  • Create and schedule workflows to send auto emails to predefined distribution lists
  • Create automated factsheets, performance reports and other outputs leveraging off Excel
  • Fetch or push data from APIs, FTP, and web sites
  • Create, move, archive and manage files and folders
  • Schedule workflows to run at specific times or days or to start on triggers based on a range of user actions
  • Pull or push data from other databases or to business intelligence software like Tableau or PowerBI

BPA can automate almost any task and if something entirely unique is required, BPA can be extended to handle it.


BPA Technology

Ocellics BPA is built utilising Windows Workflow Foundation, a Microsoft technology that provides APIs, an in-process workflow engine and a re-hostable designer to implement processes as workflows within .NET applications.

Ocellics has leveraged off this powerful technology to build a powerful workflow system that can be easily scaled and customised to fit your business requirements. We are able to rapidly develop custom workflows and activities that meet your unique business requirements.


Who Is BPA For?

BPA is for organisations and business looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their back-office processes. BPA reduces the repetitive task burden on employees enabling them to focus on value-adding work.

Accompanied by our consulting services, we work with you to create smart automated solutions for both existing and new business processes.

Contact us to find out more about Ocellics BPA.


Case Study

Generation and dissemination of fund factsheets.


Generating and distributing individual fund factsheets for segregated funds is a time-consuming, repetitive process that has the added pressure of fixed completion dates based on service level agreements. Our client was using an analyst to generate, review and mail each factsheet in a process that was taking 8 hours a month and at the same time preventing the analyst from focusing on their main role of tracking the markets.


Ocellics BPA has automated the two distinct processes required to create and send the fund factsheet. The workflow is automatically triggered when the analyst signs-off the performance numbers.


Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the Ocellics FDS or BPA product suites or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how Ocellics can deliver advantage to your business.