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Simplify your fund data management.

FundSolve transforms investment and market information sourced from multiple sources and providers into a flexible analytical platform enabling efficient data access, analysis and reporting.

Own Your Data

  • Organise, control and disseminate data easily and securely
  • Have a consolidated view of your our business
  • Leverage pre-defined calculations and modules for fund analytics and performance reporting

Eliminate Risks

  • FundSolve is a tried and tested financial platform
  • Remove key-man risk through automation
  • Reduce manual user interactions and potential for errors
  • Work with audited and verified data sets

Streamline Processes

  • Fund managers have immediate access to information as it arrives
  • Consume, process and deliver time critical data and calculations instantaneously
  • Eliminate process bottlenecks using a structured workflow methodology

Key Benefits

Designed for investment managers. Purpose built to improve the quality and efficiency of your data sourcing, management and extraction processes.


Data from anywhere, anytime

Automate, monitor and manage the sourcing and loading of data from multiple providers, formats and services.  Continuous data SLA monitoring and messaging ensure visibility and transparency.


Golden copy

Reference data is auto-mapped to master data records based on defined rules and workflows.  Easy-to-use interfaces allows users to create and manage new elements and exceptions. Unified data sets using golden copy records allow for consistent cross-platform analysis.


Data integrity

Verify data quality and cleanliness by applying defined business rules, tolerance and checksums.  Automatic alerts triggered on breaches.


Knowledge specialists

Benefit from on-going consulting, support, and recommendations from experienced financial technology specialists.


Financial modules

Existing fund and market analytics modules allow for the rapid implementation of tested calculation sets and fund manager specific reports.


Automated messaging

Automated workflows build and deliver factsheets, minimum disclosure documents, performance reports and other client facing outputs on-time, every time.


Flexible & scalable

Flexible data schemas and architecture allow FundSolve to work alongside or to replace existing architecture over time.


Client facing portals

Enable clients, employees and executives login to your secure web portal to view interactive analytical dashboards and download reports, confidential documents and statements.



An Azure cloud-ready solution enabling your business to access and utilise enterprise-class infrastructure and technology. FundSolve can be implemented on a dedicated VM or on your existing infrastructure.

Next Level Architecture

FundSolve is a configurable, end-to-end business solution that can integrate seamlessly with your existing network environment or run on a dedicated Azure CIS compliant virtual machine.

Ocellics offers a range of managed Azure services whereby we help you transition your business to the cloud. 


Data Made Easy

Retrieve and load a wide range of industry standard and ad-hoc data types including holdings, transactions, market data and fund performance statistics.


  • Bloomberg
  • Finswitch
  • JSE
  • Morningstar
  • Reuters
  • And more...


  • AlphaDesk
  • Curo
  • GAA
  • Maitland Asisa
  • Prescient Asisa
  • RiskCafe
  • And more...

  Ocellics has made our investment data readily available to us by automating our administrator and market data sourcing and analytical processing.

They have reduced both risk and time, while providing key insights and support for complex calculations and outputs. FundSolve ensures that our portfolio managers are always able to start their day with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.   

Eben Karsten, Matrix Fund Managers


Companies in the investment industry seeking to reduce the administrative burden and key-man risk associated with running manual and repetitive processes on a daily and monthly basis. FundSolve offers a best-practice solution to manage and control the daily and monthly data flood that is a drain on daily business operations. The automation of processes and the early availability of data frees up qualified staff to deal with exceptions and focus on data analysis and decision making. 


FundSolve can run in parallel to existing data structures and processing engines. It can be used to complement existing ETL and processing functions by using its pre-coded data definition libraries for industry standard Market and Admin data feeds or use pre-loaded data as the source for complex financial calculations. Decisions to migrate teams and platforms onto the FundSolve platform can be taken based on your strategic requirements.

Our consulting service focuses on getting the outcome that best suits your business needs.

  • Our consultant team works with you in the analysis of your investment process and business requirements
  • Together we then design and agree on a solution and a data take-on that is tailored to your requirements
  • Depending on requirements and scale, we may agree on a proof of concept before implementation
  • After which our consulting service supports you, as required, on an ongoing basis

Contact us for a demo if you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider.  We can show you pre-configured solutions running on industry standard data.

FundSolve fetches and loads data using workflows triggered by email, FTP, APIs or file listeners.   Pre-configured loads are available for fund data provided by AlphaDesk, Curo, GAA, Maitland, Prescient and any administrator providing ASISA format files. Market data consumed includes Bloomberg, Iress, JSE, MorningStar, Reuters.  All instruments are mapped to a golden copy to allow consolidated cross platform reporting and analysis. Ad-hoc loads can be configured for user-defined data sets. 

  1. Automation and management of the sourcing and loading of data files from multiple data providers and formats
  2. Verification of data quality and exception reporting using defined business rules and checksums
  3. Run complex fund performance calculation workflows. 4: Generate client defined statements and Fund Factsheets
  4. Automate scheduled emails and contractual data delivery requirements.

The flexible framework allows us to continually add to our suite of financial automations and functionality.

Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the FundSolve or PowerSolve product suites or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how our BizSolve platform can deliver advantage to your business.