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Ocellics Software Solutions is a financial technology (FinTech) company that provides data and process automation solutions to financial investment companies. We have designed and built a dynamic development platform which we use to build powerful solutions. The 3 primary components of the platform are own business process automation workflow technology, our robust data warehouse solution and our system management and client-facing web portal.

 The Ocellics FinTech platform enables companies to:

  • Manage and store a wide range of data using our robust data warehouse design
  • Import varying types of data from disparate sources including fund administrators, market data providers and almost any other data source
  • Schedule automated workflows or "software robots" to run business processes without user interaction.
  • Create and implement custom data outputs. Push data to your existing systems or access it easily using the Ocellics Excel Add-in
  • Build beautiful, interactive charting portals which can be configured for advanced drill-through analysis for clients and analysts
  • Access easy to use, web-based user interfaces for the management of fund, client and instrument master data
  • Implement advanced data series management for complex calculations and analysis provided by the Ocellics Analytics Engine


Key Components


An advanced ETL (Extract Transform Load) component allows users to easily create, manage and schedule their own data loads into the robust and flexible data warehouse.

Source data can be loaded from almost any format including but not limited to CSV, Excel and third party APIs.


Data and business processing workflow robots can be configured based on business requirements, scheduled and run without requiring user interaction.

Built on Microsoft's Workflow Foundation, Ocellics Workflow is a flexible tool that is built on a established software stack.


Build dynamic web portals with interactive charting interfaces which can be configured for advanced drill through analysis for clients and analysts.

Widgets and widgets dashboards can be created to show almost any type of data for analysis and can be sourced from existing client databases.

Excel Add-In

The Ocellics Excel Add-in is a powerful tool for pulling data from the data warehouse or the master data repository directly into your spreadsheets. This is done using a customisable Excel ribbon or our quick to use Excel functions.

Clients can use the extracted data for analysis in Excel or to create Excel based dashboards and charts.

Master Data Management

Centrally organised master data enables your entire company to have access to a single reference point for entities. A fund or instrument code references same entity across the business and each business unit does not have to manage it's own lookup or translation mechanism.


Run complex calculations on an advanced calculation engine. Leverage off our range of pre-built industry standard calculations, or let your team integrate their own.

Run analysis or models created in programs like Matlab, R or Excel.

Design Fundamentals

Easy integration

Easily import and source data from market data providers and fund administrators. Export, manage, access and integrate this data into your existing systems with ease.

Flexible Framework

A flexible framework built from the ground up allows us to cater for unique client requirements and custom add-ons.

Easily Accessible

Access to your investment and market data is dynamic, fast and easy.

A FinTech Company

Ocellics enjoys building products using its powerful platform. We see ourselves as venture capitalists who bring software and solution experience to start-up businesses.

We have successfully partnered with a range of companies to develop platforms and solutions that are active products in the market.

Recent solutions include:

  • Transaction cost analysis solution
  • Net replacement ratio calculator
  • Total expense ratio calculator
  • Broker referral and commission solution

Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the Ocellics FDS or BPA product suites or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how Ocellics can deliver advantage to your business.