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We're always on the lookout for talented people.

Ocellics Software Solutions (Ocellics) specialises in the provision of products and services to the investment banking and asset management community. Our focus has moved away from outsourced development to product creation and delivery. Our core product, the Ocellics Financial EDM, is an architectural masterpiece and we love working on it and seeing our clients using it.

In pursuit of excellence, our committed, focused and agile teams strive to change the way the finance industry looks at and manages data. Challenge yourself in a fast-paced and rewarding environment.


Why Work For Us

Software is the most fun when you get to work on the whole puzzle and not just one piece. Ocellics means being thrown into the deep end early and learning to swim all the while having a lot of creative fun in the process. The company directors and team have extensive software and solution delivery experience which exposes you to their knowledge.


Our Culture

Ocellics is a highly entrepreneurial business and is looking for candidates that are self-managing and take ownership of what they create. Our culture is one of team work, continuous learning and creative challenge. We believe that the work satisfaction comes from being pushed to build elegant solutions to complex problems in a way that only creative software can. You have a great business idea, well how can help you make it a reality - that's how we think.


Our Development Methodology

Fully agile, we organise work into sprints and assign onto the team. We work closely with our clients on analysis and continuously work towards extending functionality in our products and solutions.


Our Hiring Process

  1. Initial screening programming test
  2. Introductory interview
  3. Psycometric Test
  4. SQL and C# Tests
  5. Final interview



  • Conveniently located in Claremont, Cape Town close to Cavendish and Hudsons
  • Access to Pluralsight courses for developing your skills. Continuous learning is a key part of our culture.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Your own development spec'd laptop.
  • Breakfast is covered. Great coffee. Pizzas every Friday lunch!



Tech Stack


Dev Ops

Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the Ocellics Orca product suite or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how Ocellics can deliver advantage to your business.