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FundSolve transforms investment and market information sourced from multiple providers into a flexible analytical platform enabling efficient data access, analysis and reporting.

We help you to organise your data, eliminate risks and streamline processes.



BizSolve is a solution framework that enables rapid building of robust, scalable, secure, and audited solutions that save you both time and the cost of having to engineer solutions from the ground up.

We help you drive operational efficiencies, leverage your intellectual property and grow your competitive advantage.


PowerSolve is an end-to-end business solution that runs automated independent micro-jobs and custom workflows for business and data processes.

We help you cut costs, grow efficiently and allow your employees to focus on more meaningful work.

Empowering Professionals

Ocellics Software Solutions is a Financial Technology company that provides data and process automation solutions to financial investment companies.

We autonomously run business processes as well as source, consolidate, analyse and disseminate investment data.

We save you time. Every time.

Our solutions are purpose built to give you greater control and ownership of your data, to eliminate risks and to streamline processes. Empowering you to focus on what you do best.


Some of our Clients

  Partnering with the team at Ocellics has been a real win. Ocellics have freed us up to focus on our core business by designing, implementing, and supporting complex financial automations that fulfil our daily contractual data obligations on time and with minimum user interaction.   

Frank Cadiz, Constellation Asset Management

  Being a startup hedge fund manager, we needed an innovative technology partner who would help give us an edge. We found that in Ocellics. The Ocellics Financial EDM and web portal gives us the flexibility we need to load, process and display data in the ever changing and complex hedge fund regulatory environment.   

Tatenda Chapinduka, Independent Alternatives

  Ocellics has made our investment data readily available to us by automating our administrator and market data sourcing and analytical processing. They have reduced both risk and time, while providing key insights and support for complex calculations and outputs.
FundSolve ensures that our portfolio managers are always able to start their day with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.   

Eben Karsten, Matrix Fund Managers

Learn More

If you are an asset manager, asset owner or a financial service provider contact us to find out more about the FundSolve or PowerSolve product suites or to book a demo.

If you are looking for a development partner to build a custom solution for you business, we'd love to show you how our BizSolve platform can deliver advantage to your business.